09 August 2012

Movie Review: Romeos

This movie made it into the queue because it listed with the other movie I just reviewed of a similar name. Here's a snap shot at the plot: FTM transgender Lukas is going through the process of gender reassignment. She moves to Cologne and is helped out by her former bestfriend (maybe ex girlfriend, it's not clear) and lesbian Ine. When they go out for the first time, Lukas falls for Fabio, the local bisexual casanova. 

But nobody but Ine knows that Lukas is still in transition from her former life as Miriam. That conflict or omission doesn't stop the sparks from flying until, well, it does, and then the real sparks start flying.

Although Lukas is played by a boy named Rick Okon who is just soft enough and the added breasts just start to fuck with your mind. He's a great actor and with the director it's just great. I don't know much about FTM transgenderism but the question of identity, community, integrity and personal truth is not foreign to me.  To top it off, Fabio is played by a Franco-German hottie so its easy to fall into identification with Lukas/Miriam.

What is the nature of gender? Attraction? Sexual identity? Belonging? This is certainly not one to miss.

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