24 August 2012

Movie Review: We Were One Man

There's just something about formal movies that I don't like. Please don't get me started on 100 Days Before the Command. This movie wasn't that bad. But the plot summary I read before watching it was misleading. I will copy and paste the plot summary I read and then will add things to the summary, which in my mind will make it truthful, by underscoring those additions and bolding them in red for contrast and striking through words that are misleading or untruthful:
In this unexpected and often touching love story set against the backdrop of World War II, a kindhearted mentally ill, mentally retarded or Autistic French peasant saves the life of an injured German soldier and spends the bulk of the movie prancing about the French countryside vacillating between calling him "Murderer" and treating him like his best friend. He is ultimately surprised when he develops feelings a full blown mental crisis of life and death epic proportions for a man he thought was his enemy. What emerges from director Philippe Vallois's moody and romantic character study is has been described by some as a questioning of the arbitrary borders that separate us, rendered meaningless in the face of true love.
 It wasn't like this plot summary was totally false, it was just misleading a bit. I actually found the last twenty minutes of the movie to be the most interesting and the first hour could have been cut or summarized. In fact, the ending was not just disturbing but that it was an expression of someone's psychological state using the time period involved in such a manner at the time it was produced (the late 1970s). Unless you're really into watching every gay movie ever made or are into period pieces about World War II Europe, this may be one to skip.

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