18 September 2012

Movie Review: Back Soon

I have no idea how this movie got into my queue for watching and even more strange, the previous movie that I watched and reviewed, Long Term Relationship, co-starred the same two actors stars of this film, Matthew Montgomery and Windham Beacham. I'm not sure what was missing in this movie was a stronger script or excellent directing. In researching, I realized the writer was the director which always is a danger. There is something to the story itself that I think is useful and worth watching. In spite of these significant limitations, I say make it happen. The best scene for the main actors itself was the last scene in the movie.

Windham Beacham plays Logan who suffers the death of his wife. In his long grieving process, he finally sells the marital house and the buyer, Gil (Matthew Montgomery). They develop a friendship that awkwardly (and unsupported in the story) turns into a bromance which transforms into a sexual-romantic situation while the two do not have an interest in any other man and are confirmed by supporting characters not to emotionally react as a 'gay' person should. The movie delves into post-modern Western concepts of life after death and the nature of romantic love and is a bit more hopeful it its outlook than Bungee Jumping of their Own. It also kind of reminded me of the Whoopi Goldberg/Demi Moore/Patrick Swayze movie Ghost.

Unfortunately, Bungee will continue to be one of my all time favorite films and this will not. I do give it high marks for the effort. The writer would have been helped by workshops with other people and also to have a director other than himself directing. Alas, this was not filmed on an unlimited Hollywood budget. The Mexican theme was, well, written by a white guy and in the attempt at making a comment on racism seems to be doing a little of it as well. (This is not the only time where the movie does what looks like caricaturing of itself.) Regardless of these negatives, I still think its worth watching perhaps on a date night with the boyfriend.

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