07 September 2012

Movie Review: Be Mine

Since it my policy to never terminate viewing a movie before the intended end, I did watch the whole movie. Essentially, the main character has time warped from 1950s American TVland and is "just out of college" and waiting for his first kiss. He ends up entangled with a guy who is testing the waters of a gay identity.

This would have had an interesting theme to it if in fact the main actor was actually in the age range of "just out of college" and not in his mid to late 30s AND he did not have a fully realized gay identity and strong network of gay friends. It is plausible and I have known a few guys who were either asexual or so closeted to their families that they had no sex life until their mid-20s. When they decided to explore, they didn't do it with a fully realized gay identity or with a strong network of gay friends. That's something that has to be developed.

That is what makes this movie merely the implausible nostalgia heavy fantasy of the writer and director and because the fantasy makes no comment on human development or ideological critique, it makes it a bad gay movie.

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