14 September 2012

Movie Review: Food of Love

I'm not a fan of intergenerational romance -- at least not when the younger person hasn't breached his thirties. It doesn't quite shake off its exploitative characteristics (although I freely admit that all of the scenes in Lihim ni Antonio involving Uncle Jonbert were hot).

Now, Food of Love really has nothing to do with food or love and I may have missed the one line explanation during the film, if it existed. The movie is apparently an adaptation of a book entitled The Tale of Love by David Leavitt. The story itself has a number of very broad archetypal themes but the short of ti is that Paul is a music student who is commissioned to work as a page-turner for famous classical pianist Richard. Paul meets up with Richard again in Barcelona where Paul and Richard enter into a sexual relationship. Barcelona ends and Richard moves on. Paul studies at Julliard and tries to look up Richard only to stumble upon Richard's boyfriend, his agent and a powerful classical pianist producer. The web starts to get really entangled at this point in a teleserye fashion.

It has superior production values, no question about that -- who has the budget to do live shooting in Barcelona? The actress who plays Paul's mother does a good job of being a psycho. If anything I've just said sounds interesting, watch. Otherwise, skip.

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