16 September 2012

Movie Review: Long Term Relationship

I guess it's at least partly true, never judge a book by its cover. I saw this movie poster and decided not to see it. There was something a little bit too 80s I guess. Not sure. But somehow it ended up in my queue and I watched it.

Glen starts to feel the single life has reached his limit and he is looking for more. He looks to the printed personal ads, places one and gets a number of responses -- mostly of people looking for a quick hook up. An attractive Southern man, Adam, responses. It's a little bit awkward, from my point of view, how they "hit it off" but they do. Things are great and magical, etc., until a couple of wrinkles complicate things.

First, Adam is a Republican. Second, he is not good in bed. Glen's gay roommate pushes him to go single again while his straight friends push him to make it work. Although the story isn't the most complex, it works and the production value carries the movie along. But it does express and represent the problems that beset the gay man who having "grown up" in a single-centric social scene begins to look for something different.

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