25 September 2012

Movie Review: Love 100 Degrees C

While I do not typically write reviews of short films, I decided to break the rule on this occasion. Love 100 Degrees C is just brilliant. The movie is about an introverted, deaf boy named Min-soo. His younger brother who is apparently extroverted, etc., actually acts like the "first son" in the family and along with classmates torments Min-soo.

One day, all this changes when Min-soo is left to go to the public bath alone and gets involved with a scrubber/masseur that works in the baths. It's actually very beautiful and touching and tragic and beautiful. Make sure if you find a copy of this that is hasn't censored the simulated sex scenes because Min-soo's facial expressions are so natural and touching that to miss those few seconds would change much of the movie.

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