24 September 2012

Movie Review: Seeing Heaven

The cinematography of this movie is really good but unfortunately was not enough to overcome the deficiencies otherwise in the movie. It had all the hallmarks of a being a really disturbing psychological movie. In fact, after the first ten minutes, I started to have a concern that this would be like Mysterious Skins and told myself if it went down that road, I'd stop watching and prepare myself before continuing. Well, that never became a problem.

Paul, who is an escort, is looking for his twin while he experiences disturbing visions and dreams. Having rough sex apparently triggers some of these visions which he then somehow passes onto the people he's having rough sex with. (This is perhaps the most interesting part of the movie that never fully gets fully explained, unfortunately.) Through a serious of events, he ends up in a artistic porn film director's social milieu where he thinks someone might be out to kill him -- this comes from teh dreams and visions. He trusts no one, suspects everyone.

The movie poster is about as graphic as it gets. But I know some of the readers of this blog like looking at white European boys, so if you're into it, then watch for that reason. Otherwise, let me be clear that I reserve the right to say I told you so.

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