08 September 2012

Movie Review: The Seminarian

This movie helped remind me why I never got a degree in theology and why I am not a Christian. I find discussions of the nature of the divine interesting especially when those discussing it are using their own experience as the touchstone of their beliefs. For something that is so personal, I just find it difficult to accept that something outside of psychology or epistemology can tell us anything rational or definitive about the subject (yes, I'm a Jungian.)

In any event, the seminary/theology aspect of this is really just an overly thought out backdrop (but good nonetheless) to the real story here. The seminarian is in this evangelical Christian seminary with many other seminarians and they are all working on their thesis. The Seminarian is struggling with intimacy and love issues and suffers from the fact that he is gay in an anti-gay school. The angle of suffering between right and wrong, good and bad, is the Christian metaphor of the ages. I'm not sure that was focused well enough on and the ending wobbled a little.

It was well shot and directed and the acting and script lacked nothing that I can recall. If this is an accurate depiction of a seminary where the seminarians are not required to be celibate, I find it fascinating just on that level alone. Definitely watch if you found Alikpala's God Loves Bakla remotely interesting.

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  1. Interesting. Reminded me of a movie, Prayers for Bobby. Might check this out as soon as the semi-finals frenzy is lifted.