16 October 2012

Movie Review: Two Weddings and a Funeral

I have seen a number of films on Korean gay life, but I think this is the most nuanced and uses the day to day hustle and bustle of Korean gay life as the backdrop to this tragi-comedy. The movie deals with the most difficult subject, coming out and being openly gay in homophobic, macho Korean culture, with humor -- and without caricature of gay life.

The short of this is that a gay guy marries a lesbian -- both have their reasons. The guy has some family and professional needs while the lesbian wants to adopt an orphan in her care. Both are medical doctors at the hospital. This arrangement seems to work out half-way well. The guy's mother drops in unannounced every so often and snoops around which creates stress. Then, the guy finds the love of his life -- his first real intimate relationship. The lesbian's life partner lives in the flat across the way while the guy's partner moves in. Everything is all and well until the nurses at the hospital start spreading gossip about the lesbian. Then the whole thing begins to unravel.

I have seen way too many coming out movies. In fact, there is a whole industry in Hollywood that churns these out made for cable coming out movies. But this is movie takes the whole thing to another level and does so in a way that personalizes the everyday struggles of gay society in Korea. This is another must see.