02 November 2012

Kakambal, A Challenge

"...but look upon the circles, even the most remote
until you see his seat the King
to whom this realm is subject and devoted...

...And at the midpoint, with outstretched wings,
I saw more than a thousand angels making festival,
each one distinct in effulgence and in ministry.
I saw there, smiling to their sports and to their songs,
a beauty which was gladness
in the eyes of all the other sinners.
And had I equal wealth in speech
as in conception, yet would I not dare
to attempt the least of his delightfulness."

VII Individuation
ןıuǝ oɟ ɟןıƃɥʇ
Leader of the Opposition


  1. I really wanna say something incredibly witty. To be honest it's the nth time I've visited and reread this post. And up 'til now I'm still amazed at your level of intelligence and depth. This post made me nganga. Literally.

  2. i am overjoyed that my few modifications to Dante paired with Montoya's visual has turned homoerotic blasphemy into pagnganga.

  3. I think I get what Rei was talking about. You have a way of distilling things, so we only get what is necessary. Feeling ko I will seem so smart if I get to quote any of these lines in my day to day conversations. :p