17 November 2012

Movie Review: What Happens Next

At first I wondered whether this would be one of those movies that were made for the big named actress and everything else: plot, set, other actors, were all just implements for the actress to have a clever role, like Vilma Santos in In this Life. Wendie Malick does a great job in her role and I enjoyed it. And this is not one of those movies I just mentioned. The acting was okay overall and I thought the story the film was trying to tell was an interesting one.

When I think of someone coming out of the closet in their 50s and claiming not to have ever thought about their own sexuality in a meaningful way to either be lying or suffering from a major split personality. This film, I think, tries to humanize the experience of someone with a major split in their personality so that he can be a workaholic, then mastermind his own retirement (without realizing it) and then be confronted with his own sexuality.

I thought some of the interactions with the openly gay actor were not well enough thought out but it wasn't distracting. The entire movie is a very light-hearted screwball comedy in some ways and in other ways melodrama. And Wendie Malick is VERY funny. Hope you enjoy.

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