26 January 2013

Movie Review: Bulgarian Lovers

In the cosmopolitan world, ethnicity can become a factor in romantic love and can also be a fetish. In the US, white American men who like Asians are called rice queens. Asian men who like Asian men are called sticky rice, etc.,. Japanese women who like Black men, well there's a name for them, I just can't remember. In France they think the Vietnamese are all smart and hardworking while Arabs and Northern Africans are all dumb and lazy. Xenophobia exists in the cosmopolitan setting in both its negative and positive forms.

This is a movie about a Spanish immigration attorney who gets involved with a low level Bulgarian gangster. I remember this archetypal period in my life and how quickly it ended. What I found interesting about it was how Spanish upper middle class gay life is portrayed. I assume it was portrayed in an understated, matter-of-fact, kind of way and that the romanticism all went into portraying or representing Bulgarian life in Spain and in Bulgaria.

It's a quirky kind of movie and if your interested in European anthropology or anything I just described, you won't regret it. If everything I just said seems wholly uninteresting, then you can skip it. Of course if you enjoy Pedro Almodóvar, it's got those flairs. It's mostly a straight forward screwball comedy except there's a dash of Gondry's Science of Sleep for good measure -- near the end.

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