24 January 2013

Movie Review: Going Down in LA-LA Land

I had expected this to be another one of those movies that seem to be coming out of Hollywood. But I was pleasantly surprised. The production value was off the charts.

Adam, played by Matthew Ludwinski (pictured above), is young and stunningly beautiful. He's model material. He arrives in Los Angeles and stays with his friend Candy. He arrives with no money and immediately sets out to find work as an actor. He learns quickly that everyone is a struggling actor in Los Angeles and he can't find any work as all the service industry jobs are held by other unemployed actors. Eventually, out of desperation, he finds himself in the porn industry and as a prostitute dating a meth addict porn photographer/director. He is hired to turn a trick with a well known actor who is a recluse and things suddenly get very complicated.

The overall narrative was brilliant. The critique of the Hollywood scene in Los Angeles was spot on. The acting and technical execution were very good. Let me talk a little bit more about the narrative and the context. Of all the fragments of the acting profession, Hollywood, Los Angeles, models, and the American gay community, I felt like I was witnessing those people in my life that have come from there and went there.

This is definitely a must see movie, with your partner, with your friends or by yourself. And yes, Ludwinski is very handsome.

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