21 January 2013

Movie Review: Withered in a Blooming Season

I have watched most of Cui Zi En's films available and have written reviews of Star Appeal and My Fair Son. Because what I watched was at such variance from the synopsis, I feel obligated to make this review about rewriting the synopsis.This is the synopsis I read:
Brotherly love goes too far when Feng gets his twin sister pregnant while both of them are still in high school, creating a problem that's bigger than both of them. Convincing his gay friend Le Le to take the blame seems like the best option. But engineering a relationship between his pregnant sister and a boy who admittedly likes other boys produces some very unexpected results.
This is the synopsis that I would consider to be truthful:
Twins Feng and Wen live together. Feng is either gay or bisexual. But he also has some psycho obsession with his twin sister that looks mostly like control but at some point gets a little weird in the sexualized way. Wen is sort of dating this lounge singer who is also sleeping with Wen and Feng's restaurant owning mother. Feng gets his best friend Le Le who is also gay to be Wen's official boyfriend to control her. That doesn't work. Wen ends up pregnant and she insists its Fengs. In the ending is sweet a little if you deny the the incest thing. 
This movie is described as post-socialist, but there is nothing post-socialist about it. It felt like it was shot in on a handheld digital camera. But there was no narrative focus, little narrative at all. But in the end, I found it interesting for its representation of an adolescent life in China in the last ten years.

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