28 February 2013

Movie Review: The Houseboy

I picked this picture for the movie instead of the movie poster because I elected not to watch this film for five years, from when I first heard about it, because of the off putting movie poster.

In my life I have experienced two types of chaos that I call chaosmosis (no not Guattari). One form of chaosmosis is going to any temporary religious event in India where more than 150,000 people are present. The other is what this movie is all about. It's a chaotic struggle many teenagers who do not live in provincial/tribal settings experience intensified by a disconnect with the feeling body.

Ricky is in a three-way relationship with two 30somethings and lives as the houseboy. Just before the couple departs for a Christmas trip -- in which Ricky will be house-sitting -- he overhears them discussing how they have found a new 'toy' to replace him. Getting that the end is nigh, he uses his time house-sitting for them by engaging in a series of random sexual encounters and other strange encounters than gay teenagers in the 18-23 year old realm might experience in the absence of a strong family or cultural community connection.

He contemplates suicide and even tells each of his random sexual encounters about his intention to kill himself on Christmas Eve. As a counter narrative, though, he encounters a well adjusted young gay guy -- same age -- at the boardwalk/waterfront area. They become friends and this well-adjusted young gay guy becomes a counter narrative to chaosmotic self-destruction of the casual sex, the drugs and the depression.

Nick May was so well on an affective level that he was able to exude precisely the kind of outer detachment that hides the inner pain of being an orphaned gay teenager. I look forward to future work of Nick May's.

I would recommend this as a date night type of movie or to watch with friends. I must admit that I felt like this movie compressed several years of my adolescence into the movie in the way that One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich condensed the life of a gulag prisoner into one day. And perhaps, a life without contact with real feeling and real love, is precisely similarity that my mind would generate by comparing Solzhenitsyn's work to this movie.

Where I find the mass of people in India to be uplifting of the soul in its seemingly organized disorder, this referenceless, guideless struggle is a downpulling of the soul in its seemingly disorganized order. So let that be a lesson to me with movie posters.

27 February 2013

Movie Review: House of Boys

This is not the movie poster that I saw when I avoided watching this movie. Nevertheless, I finally decided to get it off my plate. The only summary I was told is that its about a Luxembourgish boy named Frank (Layke Anderson) who doesn't fit in in his provincial town or family and flees to Amsterdam to be openly gay in 1984. He is able to get employment in the House of Boys and rooms with gay-for-pay go-go dancer Jake (Benn Northover). He and the other self-identified gays at the House of Boys have a very affectionate relationship one another but Frank has got a crush on Jake.

Of course, an unpleasant punch to the gut was how AIDS appears in this story (It's 1984). This movie is about death in the midst of the chaosmosis that befalls the gay teen whois abandoned by his family and his community left to make a word with no history, no reference and no guide.

20 February 2013

Movie Review: Harry and Max

This is a movie supposedly about two brothers who are teen pop stars at different phases of the matinee idol continuum. Harry plays the 23 year old teen pop star who is aging out of his career while his younger 16 year old brother Max is up and coming.  Without any question, they have fucked up parents and an upbringing as Max has a crush on Harry and Harry uses him for sex. Max tries to convince Harry that they could be legitimate lovers but Harry refuses, not because its incest, but because he's sort of playing hard to get and wants to be in control. When Max moves on, then Harry, in a drug or alcohol induced downward spiral tries to seduce and lure Max into this relationship that Max previously was trying to advocate.

The value of this disturbing film is how well it underscores the psychological problems with incest generally. It does it a clumsy way but with 75 minutes, they were able to get the point across clearly somehow. While the acting was good, the casting was off and it became a distraction. But that's just my opinion. I would have had the two brothers have some form of resemblance or physical similarity so that their extreme difference didn't interfere with the suspension of disbelief.

18 February 2013

Movie Review: Jitters

I never grow tired of watching movies about how difficult adolescence is. Since I rarely watch Icelandic films, and have never had the opportunity to use words like Eyjafjallajökull in a blog, I just wanted to insert this here.

The movie is about Gabriel, a Icelandish teenager who is trying to figure out his adolescent identity. Things get a little complicated when, during a short study abroad in England, he kisses another Icelandish boy. He spends the rest of the movie trying to figure out his identity among his friends with this other Icelandish boy going through his own identity crisis.

I didn't really leave the film thinking anything had been resolved or we got to see character development so if you like these tormented gay adolescent films or are curious about representations of Icelandish teenage life, this is worth watching.

16 February 2013

Book Review: The Gay Archipelago

Tom Boellstorff is an American professor of Anthropology at the University of California, Irvine. This books is the culmination of much anthropological research in Indonesia among "gay" and "lesbi" communities (but not really bissu or waria individuals).

First I just want to throw this out there: if you want to read The Gay Archipelago translated into bahasa Indonesia, it is freely available online to read, click here.

Okay. Well. I have to admit that anyone doing serious work in Philippines Studies or LGBT studies ought to read this book. Boellstorff's working through of nationalism, nationhood, desire and the meaningful life struck deep cords in me. When I consider the benefits of post-structuralism as a form of critical analysis, he presents us with precisely the kind of work that is useful.

It sometimes gets a little heady, but it is quite thoughtful and is used to try to understand how people make meaning in their life and give an explanation and account of gay and lesbi lives as they experience it.

There is so much about this book that is awesome and I can only hope that anthropologists studying any Austronesian area including the Philippines, Polynesia, Malaysia, etc., would consider his methodology in their own studies. How he understandings Indonesian nation-making and the tensions of that with the ethnolinguistic groups is something that is experienced throughout the Austronesian world.

It's funny how unexceptional the experiences of Indonesian gay and lesbia are compared with the Philippines, Malaysia, and the various urbanized areas of Polynesia. I mean, how unexceptional the experience of gay and lesbian identities are throughout Austronesia. It sort of flushes all of these bombastic, ostentatious claims to Filipino national exceptionalism down the toilet, really.

So that this can be a real book review and not just my emotional response to the book, I will leave you with a beautiful passage about how a gay in Surabaya came to be with his former boyfriend:
I met him at the mosque. I was actually interested in his younger brother; he was very cute and I thought "he might be like me," judging from the way he held himself when he prayed and walked around. So I went up to him and talked to him, and eventually got invited to his house. But when I went to his house it was his other brother who opened the door! He introduced himself and we talked for a while and became friends. He was very handsome and masculine, so I thought to myself, 'He's a real man, he can't possibly be homo." We started spending lots of time together ... eventually we went to a drumming competition one night, and it was the first of two days of the competition, so we told me, "Don't go home; just stay with me tonight at my grandmother's house which is near here." So we went there and slept together in one bed. I still didn't have any idea, I just couldn't believe he would be interested in men. We were in bed and he said, "Hey, there's no pillow here, can I use you as a pillow?" I said "yes," and he threw his leg over me. Oh my! My heart started pounding and racing; it felt like it'd jumped into my throat. I just sat there ... then he said, "Hey there's no blanket here, can I use you as a blanket?: I said "yes," and he came toward me and kissed me. We started kissing and making love. I couldn't believe it! He was interested in me! So from that time on we became lovers.

The version I read was a 320 paperback published by Princeton University Press  (October 17, 2005), ISBN-13:978-0691123349. It is written in English. The lowest price I found online was used at abebooks.com and amazon.com. The bahasa Indonesia version is available free online, click here.

15 February 2013

Movie Review: The Falls

I recall with much hope the promise of Latter Days. I enjoyed it but I felt that the movie did not give enough depth to the LDS/religious aspect and almost caricatured the LDS missionaries (and strangely seemed to somewhat caricature the gay guys too). I liked the story line, so no harm no foul.

But The Falls addresses everything I was expecting from Latter Days and didn't get. Of course, with a $7,000 budget, the production value is superb and the acting is surprisingly very good especially in light of the budget.

This movie is about RJ who is a smart over-achiever from a rural American area and a Mormon. As a devoted, religious Mormon, RJ must go on a mission, which he does in Portland, Oregon. He is paired with Chris and then we go into the day and life of a Mormon missionary in the US. It's apparently rough, as it ought to be when your life mission becomes to convert people to another religion and you're twenty and have very little experience in life to do so.

Chris turns out to be quite moody and the stress of the mission gets to the point where unconscious and repressed issues spring up. Although from a strictly narrative perspective, much of this part of the movie was not necessary, but if the director had not included it, it would have missed the nuance and humanity of gay Mormons, and so it had significant value.

RJ's expression of "same sex attraction" (that's Mormon patois for homosexuality... which they don't recognize as a valid identity or central or integral part of one's identity) is so tender and honest that when the iron fist in the velvet glove of the LDS church comes down on RJ for it, his response is so meaningful and intense.

Now the only thing that I thought was a distracting in this film was Quinn Allan's role as the supervising missionary. First, it was unclear why he did not have a missionary companion. In my understanding, missionaries are never alone and this missionary is always alone. That isn't so bad but his pregnant pauses and facial expressions almost force me out of my suspension of disbelief. It almost feels like he ambiguously traces the possibility that the Mormon church purposefully tests young gay men in the missionary activity.

This is a beautiful movie and anyone that has struggled with religion and sexuality or family and sexuality will definitely feel uplifted from viewing this movie.

14 February 2013

Movie Review: Ciao

The production values throughout the movie were excellent and the acting was not bad. I think the only problem with this movie, if there were one, is that the script was trying to be too ambitious.

The story goes that after Jeff's close friend Mark dies suddenly, he comes into contact (online) with Mark's online boyfriend from Italy, Andrea. Mark and Andrea had apparently agreed to finally meet when Andrea was in the US attending to some other business. Jeff and Andrea come into contact because Jeff goes through Mark's e-mails and Andrea was reconfirming and was concerned because Mark had suddenly stopped corresponding.

Andrea still comes but instead stays with Jeff. They then meander through a series of discussions and contemplations regarding the meaning of life, death, friendship, love and desire. At time its can be slow and awkward, but it is tender and is a nice date night movie with your partner.

13 February 2013

Movie Review: The Love of a Man

I subjected myself to another Spanish movie. Now, the plot summary that I read before watching this did not conform to the movie I watched. I was told that a single straight woman, Esperanza, gets jealous when her gay bff, Ramon, finally couples. That would have been an interesting movie.

However, this movie is about Esperanza and her gay divorce attorney bff Ramon, who is a promiscuous partier. Espenanza seems to only fall in love with gay guys. He has very queeny friends and quite possibly it can be said that his movie tells us more about how Madrileño gay life was in the 1990s. It was not a focus of the movie at all and so I would venture to guess that because the background cultural representations were not consciously or unconsciously intended to critique gay cultural norms, we can safely assume the representations in this movie give us a slice of gay life in 1990s urban Spain.

Esperanza hooks Ramon up with another teacher at her school, who teaches physical education, I think. That would be Roberto. Let's just put it this way, the transition from slut to homebody is about as orderly for Ramon as going from bff to gf of Ramon was for Esperanza. The movie is a light Spanish comedy about the change, in the Almodovaran tradition.

12 February 2013

Movie Review: Love in Thoughts

Now, if you have never heard of der Steglitzer Schülertragödie you are not alone. I wasn't aware of this event even though I'm very familiar with both modern and pre-modern European history. But this tragedy was well known throughout the international press before World War II and cited by the Nazis regarding the decline of morals in the youth in the Weimar Republic!

Love in Thought is about this event in Weimar Germany. Paul is interrogated by the police regarding a note he had written. We are then transported to an earlier time where Paul, who is very shy, has made friends with Guenther, openly gay, and Hilde, his sister. He stays with them while their parents are on holiday. Then Han Stephan appears in the picture. Paul has fallen madly in love with Hilde, who is not interested in him. Guenther is madly in love with Hans Stephan, who is ambivalent, in part because Hilde is also in love with Hans Stephen.

There is a series of parties (or maybe its just one) where Paul and Hilde end up going through a series of couplings wildly drunk while Hans Stephan plays both the siblings. Hans Stephan eventually choices Hilde. At the end of the alcohol fueled chaos, Paul and Guenther agree to a suicide pact: Guenther to kill Hans Stephan, Paul to kill Guenther and Hilde, then Paul to kill himself.

I won't tell you what happens but naturally, from my description, Paul does not kill himself, and so something didn't happen according to plan. It's a little on the formal side and if you don't know about the Steglitzer Schülertragödie or didn't read my blog about the movie, you might feel a little bored at times. It is a true story about Paul Krantz, who went under the pen name Ernst Erich Noth.

Again, I'm aware of the fact that some you really enjoy watching young European men on screen and there are quite a few so enjoy. It is worth watching in any event for its "true story" value and its excellent production values.

11 February 2013

Happy New Year (Lunar)!

May all my past, present and future selves benefit from this
and may all the past, present and future selves of all beings benefit from this
By this practice, may we all be completely free from all illness,
spirit harm, and from all the painful, hallucinated afflictive emotions forever

May this practice be the medicine that frees everyone from suffering

May this bring health wherever it is needed

May this bring about the firm establishment of true health
 and well being, long life, and happiness for us all

10 February 2013

Movie Review: Full Speed

Now, this is the kind of movie that can be a dangerous one for me to watch. If it is does it well, like Ang Sayaw Ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa, then it can be quite cathartic and enjoyable. If it is not done well, I begin to wonder during the movie if this will be another 100 Days Before the Command.

I have to admit that since watching Wild Reeds so many years ago, I always had a softspot for Stephane Rideau. Stephane Rideau plays Jimmy and the director, of course, has him in a gratuitous sex scene with the character Julie. Meanwhile, the homo part of this movie is that Samir, an Algerian-French gay, is madly in love with Quentin, a main character and asshole. I'm not exactly clear on what the narrative was. It is a little bit formal (hence the problem of being like 100 Days Before the Command).

But what I found interesting in this movie other than reminiscing about my adolescent fantasies about Stephane Rideau, is how the film represented life as a young immigrant Algerian man in rural France. The French, as a people, are so anti-Arab and anti-Algerian, but Gael Morel, I think did a good job. (Morel played opposite Rideau in Wild Reeds). It fucking sucks to live a racist society and it seems to feel even worse if you are a young man without access to a work, living in a racist society.

Stephane Rideau has aged well

If you are interested in watching a film for two hours trying desperately to get to the plot, want to see a fascinating representation of Algerian immigrant life in rural France or you want to see Stephane Rideau and a bunch of young Algerian men prancing around in various states of undress, then this is the movie to watch.

08 February 2013

Movie Review: Finding Me

Finding Me is a coming of age film of a second generation Afro-Carribbean living in an American city. Fabien, the young main character, lives with his homophobic, immigrant father. He has friends in a slightly older and more worldly bisexual Greg and fashion-forward budding female singer Amera. Everything is in somewhat of a status until he falls for Lonnie, a union organizer that he regularly noticed at a local bus stop. Lonnie is totally settled in his own identity and provides a counterpoint to Fabien's confusion. This heats up Fabien's confusion even more.

There was much of this movie that I feel traced aspects of my experiences of moving through my own adolescence. The production values were not particularly high but the narrative and acting are well enough to pick up the slack.

07 February 2013

Movie Review: An Angel Named Billy

Now, I really try to like a movie. Really, I do. But this is one of those movies where I feel like two sophomores in college somehow got $200,000 to make a movie and did it. The script was lacking all around. And while the individual actors may be good actors, something was missing and that would be stage chemistry.

The quick of it is this: Senior citizen and stroke survivor Mark and his best friend, golden gay drag queen Thomas, have a plan to find Mark's gay son James a life partner. Meanwhile, Billy lives on the farm with his somewhat fanatical, alcoholic father. Just before his best friend leaves the countryside, he makes out with Billy pictured above while his alcoholic father just happens to be watching in a random spot nearby. That triggers a painful, failed alcoholic, fanatical, divorced father trying to torment his gay son scene and Billy flees to Los Angeles. Looking for work, Billy responds to an ad to be a caregiver for Mark.

In the narrative, that would set the stage for the movie except it occurs about halfway into the movie and the narrative continues to ramble to a sudden and abrupt conclusion. We never know what happens to the alcoholic, fanatical father but we pick up a mother. The production values were pretty bad as well even easily avoided continuity errors seemed to go unnoticed in the editing room.

Okay. Now I'm going to spoil the ending. I understand the narrative was to show that through helping an old man, the young man can renew something. But it was executed thoughtfully. First, I would reorient the father character in the film. The writer either did not experience abusive parents in childhood or is in such denial that he just wrote it bad. In any event, I would either focus on the religious fanaticism, violence or alcoholism and do a good job with one of those characteristics.

It's not clear why he didn't simply run after his best friend and instead hitchhiked from Arizona to Los Angeles. I'd clean that up or rewrite the best friend into a passing through stranger or something.

Kadyr Gutierrez plays woefully 
under-utilized character Guy in the movie

When he gets to Los Angeles, he shouldn't meet Guy. Instead, he should meet Guy's boss Nancy and have Nancy help him come into contact with Mark, preferably through a connection between Nancy and Thomas -- that doesn't exist in the movie.

By observing the care that Billy gives to Mark, James is able to get his shit together and drop his meth addict boyfriend (ex boyfriend or whatever). Billy meets Guy at the park he takes Mark to and when James has been able to drain the swamp of his personal life, Mark dies. James is happy to be a father figure to Billy and Guy and in the process meets a nice professional his age who is grounded and stable and they form a romantic relationship.

That would have been the story had I participated in the writing of the script. I didn't though, so that's not the narrative of the movie.

06 February 2013

Movie Review: Friends and Family

I have no idea how I missed this when it came and never heard of it again. This is a great gay screwball comedy. It's about two guys who are retired U.S. Army rangers who work for the mafia as hitmen and are an openly gay couple. Everything is about their life with their giant flat in New York City is fine until Stephen's parents decide to visit and their fake story about being an openly gay catering couple will fall apart. This is exacerbated by the fact that Stephen knows that his father is secretly an undercover FBI agent.

The whole plot revolves around hiding an essential aspect of one's identity for one's family and how even our best plans can be foiled by the need to come clean about who we really are. This is a great light hearted date movie.

05 February 2013

Movie Review: (A)sexual

I found this documentary to be interesting. I recall once like twenty years ago telling this old queen from a remote barrio in a distant province that his GLB that he changed to GLBT and then LGBT should really be LGBTXYZ. He thought my joke was funny but that LGBT had covered just about everyone it could, until shortly before his death, LGBT activists who, some had appended Q, included I. He told wrote me saying that he thought I was likely to be right with my XYZ although only the Z space was left. I replied that the XYZ should always remain at the end as a speculation that differentiation of sexual identity would continue, LGBTQIA under this notation system, LGBTQIAXYZ, under my notation system.

Asexual is a identity designation for individuals who have a subjective or objective or both lack of sexual interest. The main individual the documentary focuses on is David Jay who is sort of the international spokesperson on asexuality (and now apparently a researcher on the topic). They also use extensive footage from swankiVY's asexuality youtube archive. It's a shame that they didn't follow her around because I found her to be much more at ease in her asexuality whereas I didn't get that feeling with David Jay.

I am not big on pride parades, etc.,. However, I know that there are many American gay people who find something very satisfying socially and spiritually in annual pride parades and ancillary activities that affirms a sex-positive lifestyle. For any individual to leaflet a pride parade and then feel victimized when individuals there are dismissive, lacks a profound sense of understanding of the historical and present context of LGBTs. As I mentioned in some of the religious oriented studies I've reviewed in this blog, there are a number of Christian ministries that advocate asexuality as an alternative to homosexuality, bisexuality and transgenderism. I also didn't see Jay leaflet at heterosexual swinger get togethers, etc.,. That difference made it seem that Jay has an issue with homosexuality or maybe sexuality in general as opposed to being asexual like swankiVY.

What I found educational about this documentary and why I'm writing a review is that I thought the working out of the different levels of sexuality (or lack) and the discussion and analysis of it was fascinating. Sexualities are diverse and mulitiplicitous. On that level, it is worth watching. An individual's experience of sexuality through his or her life is so varied and complex, identity feels so limited.

01 February 2013

The Bar Brawl, A Challenge

Disclaimer: Ladies and Gentlemen. The story you are about to read is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

I hesitated. My friend GMA who is the shortest drag queen you will ever meet had pressured me to go. She told me that my crush would be there. On Lesbian Night?!? I had this nagging feeling that she just wanted me to go because she likes the tomboys and because she sort of looks like one. GMA is the only drag queen I know that likes to date lesbians. Sometimes they are very feminine like when she dated Claudine.

Anyways, back to my story. So I hesitated. But GMA urged me to go in. The bouncer at the door reminded me of PNoy -- he was balding, a little overweight and had an unexpectedly deep voice. He took my money and let me in.

Boy did I ever feel out of place. The place was packed wall to wall with lesbians. I mean, even if they weren't lesbian I'd feel out of place. I also felt very unwelcome as I glided across the room with GMA. And then, out of the corner of my eye, there he was, my crush, Jericho. What is he doing here? Then the thought crossed my mind, wait. What if he thinks I'm a lesbian? I mean, gay? This is a gay bar after all even though its lesbian night.

I quickly scanned his barkada and noticed all of them were lesbians -- so far so good -- wait. Is that? No. Or is it? I asked GMA to look more closely to see if that tacky bakla next to Jericho wasn't, in fact, Lucky, my arch nemesis.

You see we used to be friends back in grade school. But then when we were second year, he spent the night at my house once and tried to rape me in my sleep. I freaked out, slapped him across the face and then made him leave. I then launched a campaign to embarrass and humiliate him in school since nobody knew he was gay. Well, seven years later, he is loud and proud and used to it. He never forgot my fanatical crusade to destroy his reputation and likely suspecting that I myself like guys, has always found ways to subvert my wants and interests. For example, as the president of several clubs, every time there was a regional or national competition during our last year of high school where I had the competence to be on the school team and had put in my time, I was only lucky enough to get listed as second alternate once and bypassed for juniors. So I just accepted that as my punishment for being so extreme myself before.

But what is he doing loitering around my crush? And more importantly, what is Jericho doing hanging out with Lucky, at a gay bar, on lesbian night? GMA confirmed it was him and she had no additional intel on why he would be hanging with Jericho. She had never seen Lucky and Jericho in the same grouping. She immediately began what can only be described as masturbating her cellphone as she sent texts far and wide to get additional intel.

It was a bit boring watching GMA flirt with lesbians. There were too many people to really do any dancing and it was hot and inundated with cigarette smoke. I was quite anxious but I didn't want to look in the direction of Jericho. I decided I'd take a break from the heat and smoke by going to the CR for a moment to freshen up. I told GMA not to leave the place where we were since even for all her melodrama, her bouffant and her high heals, she still can't be seen from a distance in large groups of people.

Anyway, I made my way through the underbrush of lesbians to the CR. Of course, on lesbian night, the line for the women's CR snaked about the building like they do in the nicer malls on Hongkong island. The men's CR was empty. I took a leak and then was freshening up in the mirror when the door opened.

"Oh? Hi PJ!" the screeching, tacky voice of Lucky uttered.

"Oh. Hi Luis."

"So strange to see a man on lesbian night at a gay bar."

"I'm here with friends."

"Yes. But not a lesbian. How curious!" Lucky responded. I ignored him since I didn't see anything helpful or productive coming from the discussion. I washed my hands. I dried them as I headed for the door.

As I reached for the door handle, Lucky asked, "PJ Are you gay?"

I curtly responded "No."

"Oh good! I thought for a moment you were the competition for Jericho." he smirked.

I snaked my way back to GMA who I could see in the distance with a woman. Because of the sheer number of people in the club, I couldn't just make a straight line from the CR back to GMA. I got about half way when suddenly I bumped into Jericho.

"Hi" Jericho said

"Hi" I sheepishly replied.

"Isn't this place crazy? There's so many tomboys."

"Yeah. I just hope there isn't a fire or anything."As soon as 'anything' rolled off the tongue, some loud shouting broke out behind me.

"Fuck you you fucking lying piece of shit cunt."

"Don't call me a cunt you cunt."

Like a stone dropped in a still pond, the argument caused the bodies to move away from the two women like ever broadening concentric circles to create a clearing for them. The two older lesbians, who eerily looked like Senators Defensor-Santiago and Enrile (a slightly younger version of Enrile), made it seem like someone was going to get hurt. The pushing back of the bodies made my body involuntarily press into Jericho's.

"Well. That feels nice." Jericho said. I blushed.


"Oh no. Not at all. I'm actually hoping this gets drawn out a little." he said with smirk

Of course, I looked over to GMA who was smirking at me. By this time, all eyes were on the fight. The obscenities continued for a while until a third, younger lesbian that even more strangely looked like Pia Cayetano got into the circle and starting calling out the young Enrile-looking lesbian. JPE grabbed Pia's hair and then the bottles starting flying. Half of the crowd turned around to make it to one of the two tiny exits while the rest started to join in the melee.

By this time, there was more space to maneuver but Jericho and I were still pressed against each other. Of course, then came Lucky.

"What are you doing here?"


"Yeah, you."

"I was making my way back to my friends then the fight started and I was pushed over here."

"Oh. I got the feeling from where I was standing that we were watching the opening scenes of an X-man movie." Lucky mocked.

"Hey Lucky. What's it to you?" Jericho interjected as bottles continued to fly. Lucky hesitated. "Well, anyways, Lucky I think I'm going to call it a night. This was a little more excitement than what I was expecting."

"Okay. Do you want me to take you home?"

"No. That's okay. I think I'm going to take a walk to clear my lungs first from the smoke." His hand, which was pressed against my lower back on the side, significantly increased its pressure. At this point, I got my phone out and text GMA. "Will catch up tom. Be safe"

"Do you want me to join you?" Lucky replied

"No. That's okay." With that we slowly moved to the exit avoiding the chaos spinning around us. When we got outside, Jericho said his goodbye to Lucky and we walked off. I turned around to see Lucky pouting as he stood next to PNoy.

Jericho told me that he ended up at the gay bar on lesbian night because Lucky wanted to talk about a community event for the college's basketball team. My heart sank. I thought, just thought that maybe there was something going on there. Then he said,

"Don't get me wrong or anything. I like guys, I just thought Lucky really wanted to discuss the event. What brought you there?"

"Oh." caught off guard. "My friend, GMA, uh... she said its pretty chill on lesbian night and, uh... she asked me to join her."

"Is that the little guy with the poofy hair that wears make-up?"


"You know she looks exactly like this OFW maid that they interviewed on TV Patrol last year."

"Really? I don't think she's been a maid." I replied, "But you never know with her?"

"Well this maid worked in Saudi and she was caught mixing her urine in the food she served the family."


"Yeah. Apparently in her province, there is a superstition among the people out in the remote areas that if someone ingests the urine of another the people who ingest it will only be loving and kind to them."

"Wow. What happened to her?"

"The family beat her, of course. Then they took her to the religious police. A case was filed but then the judge decided that her actions were just stupidity and not attempted magic so they fined her and deported her."

We walked for a bit until we got to a late night tapsilog.

"You feel like eating?" He asked. I stumbled to look for the appropriate answer as my calm had reverted back to anxious nervousness.

"Uhm. I... uh..... I"

"Well, we could always just go back to my house and cuddle if you want."

Challenge X: The Bar Brawl
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