14 February 2013

Movie Review: Ciao

The production values throughout the movie were excellent and the acting was not bad. I think the only problem with this movie, if there were one, is that the script was trying to be too ambitious.

The story goes that after Jeff's close friend Mark dies suddenly, he comes into contact (online) with Mark's online boyfriend from Italy, Andrea. Mark and Andrea had apparently agreed to finally meet when Andrea was in the US attending to some other business. Jeff and Andrea come into contact because Jeff goes through Mark's e-mails and Andrea was reconfirming and was concerned because Mark had suddenly stopped corresponding.

Andrea still comes but instead stays with Jeff. They then meander through a series of discussions and contemplations regarding the meaning of life, death, friendship, love and desire. At time its can be slow and awkward, but it is tender and is a nice date night movie with your partner.

1 comment:

  1. One of my favorite films. Ciao. Sometimes, we say hello just to say goodbye.