10 February 2013

Movie Review: Full Speed

Now, this is the kind of movie that can be a dangerous one for me to watch. If it is does it well, like Ang Sayaw Ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa, then it can be quite cathartic and enjoyable. If it is not done well, I begin to wonder during the movie if this will be another 100 Days Before the Command.

I have to admit that since watching Wild Reeds so many years ago, I always had a softspot for Stephane Rideau. Stephane Rideau plays Jimmy and the director, of course, has him in a gratuitous sex scene with the character Julie. Meanwhile, the homo part of this movie is that Samir, an Algerian-French gay, is madly in love with Quentin, a main character and asshole. I'm not exactly clear on what the narrative was. It is a little bit formal (hence the problem of being like 100 Days Before the Command).

But what I found interesting in this movie other than reminiscing about my adolescent fantasies about Stephane Rideau, is how the film represented life as a young immigrant Algerian man in rural France. The French, as a people, are so anti-Arab and anti-Algerian, but Gael Morel, I think did a good job. (Morel played opposite Rideau in Wild Reeds). It fucking sucks to live a racist society and it seems to feel even worse if you are a young man without access to a work, living in a racist society.

Stephane Rideau has aged well

If you are interested in watching a film for two hours trying desperately to get to the plot, want to see a fascinating representation of Algerian immigrant life in rural France or you want to see Stephane Rideau and a bunch of young Algerian men prancing around in various states of undress, then this is the movie to watch.

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  1. Sounds sexy and promising. LOL. Will catch this when my sched gets uncloggy-ish.