20 February 2013

Movie Review: Harry and Max

This is a movie supposedly about two brothers who are teen pop stars at different phases of the matinee idol continuum. Harry plays the 23 year old teen pop star who is aging out of his career while his younger 16 year old brother Max is up and coming.  Without any question, they have fucked up parents and an upbringing as Max has a crush on Harry and Harry uses him for sex. Max tries to convince Harry that they could be legitimate lovers but Harry refuses, not because its incest, but because he's sort of playing hard to get and wants to be in control. When Max moves on, then Harry, in a drug or alcohol induced downward spiral tries to seduce and lure Max into this relationship that Max previously was trying to advocate.

The value of this disturbing film is how well it underscores the psychological problems with incest generally. It does it a clumsy way but with 75 minutes, they were able to get the point across clearly somehow. While the acting was good, the casting was off and it became a distraction. But that's just my opinion. I would have had the two brothers have some form of resemblance or physical similarity so that their extreme difference didn't interfere with the suspension of disbelief.

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