27 February 2013

Movie Review: House of Boys

This is not the movie poster that I saw when I avoided watching this movie. Nevertheless, I finally decided to get it off my plate. The only summary I was told is that its about a Luxembourgish boy named Frank (Layke Anderson) who doesn't fit in in his provincial town or family and flees to Amsterdam to be openly gay in 1984. He is able to get employment in the House of Boys and rooms with gay-for-pay go-go dancer Jake (Benn Northover). He and the other self-identified gays at the House of Boys have a very affectionate relationship one another but Frank has got a crush on Jake.

Of course, an unpleasant punch to the gut was how AIDS appears in this story (It's 1984). This movie is about death in the midst of the chaosmosis that befalls the gay teen whois abandoned by his family and his community left to make a word with no history, no reference and no guide.

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