13 February 2013

Movie Review: The Love of a Man

I subjected myself to another Spanish movie. Now, the plot summary that I read before watching this did not conform to the movie I watched. I was told that a single straight woman, Esperanza, gets jealous when her gay bff, Ramon, finally couples. That would have been an interesting movie.

However, this movie is about Esperanza and her gay divorce attorney bff Ramon, who is a promiscuous partier. Espenanza seems to only fall in love with gay guys. He has very queeny friends and quite possibly it can be said that his movie tells us more about how MadrileƱo gay life was in the 1990s. It was not a focus of the movie at all and so I would venture to guess that because the background cultural representations were not consciously or unconsciously intended to critique gay cultural norms, we can safely assume the representations in this movie give us a slice of gay life in 1990s urban Spain.

Esperanza hooks Ramon up with another teacher at her school, who teaches physical education, I think. That would be Roberto. Let's just put it this way, the transition from slut to homebody is about as orderly for Ramon as going from bff to gf of Ramon was for Esperanza. The movie is a light Spanish comedy about the change, in the Almodovaran tradition.

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