01 March 2013

Now, Ever After

the calculus of a complex, the instantaneous

i wonder, at that crucial moment,

will it be me as the disoriented and crazed passenger
who resists the call to blind obedience to authority?

will it be me as one of the anxious and nervous passengers
who involuntarily laugh at the inner crisis unfolding?

will it be me as one to clap when the authorities have removed
the apparent source of my anxiety?
who here will live happily ever after?

Challenge XI: Happily Ever After
 ןıuǝ oɟ ɟןıƃɥʇ 
Orange Wit
Spiral Prince
leader of opposition


  1. i dont understand why the lady was being pull out of the plane? Why does the police get involve? Why the people laugh because of what is going on? Why does no one helped her.

    Its too complex.

  2. as i understand it, under American law, a passenger has a duty to follow the instructions of the flight crew. failure to do so is grounds for immediate ejectment from the plane (if on the ground), arrest and prosecution. failure to obey a police officer's orders is a separate crime also.

    as for the people on the plane, one issue i didn't raise in my poem (which is evident from other youtube incidents i watched) is that passengers feel entitled to take off at the scheduled time and an unruly passenger is seen as interfering with that entitlement.

  3. as much as i don't want to sit on a plane with a woman like her, i still feel sorry for her.