01 April 2013

Death, A Challenge


Bless us to engender
the realization of the impermanence of this life
in understanding that whatever is gathered will be separated,
whatever is accumulated will be exhausted,
whatever reaches a high state will fall to a low state
and whatever takes birth will die,
and that the time of death is uncertain.


It was dark.(OW) 
It carries all my pains, hatred and regrets.(OW)
I stare at the person in front of me. (OW)
His eyes were cold as the arctic sea. (OW)
It was powerful. (OW)
The spotlight is under me now. (OW)
Though we spoke of nothing after that, her silence spoke volumes to me. (CB)
You knew. (CB)
Why didn’t you tell me? (CB)
You could’ve told me.(CB)
I wanted to tell you. (CB)
I really did. (CB)
I just didn’t know how to. (CB)
What will happen to me if I stop thinking of you? (IAR)
You have released me from your clasps. (IAR)
And I'm beginning to wonder why I can't. (IAR)
A desert now / Where a great land was (SP)
Her withered head / The wind swept to dust (SP)
Every decision you’ve made was a turn at a fork in the road. (CB)
Are you happy with who you are? (CB)
Are you at peace with where your feet have taken you? (CB)
Do you regret nothing? (CB)
Has each turn been wise or have you somehow lost your way? (CB)


I am sure to become old, I cannot avoid aging.
I am sure to become ill, I cannot avoid illness.
I am sure to die, I cannot avoid death.
I must be separated and parted from all that is dear and beloved to me.
I am the owner of my actions, heir to my actions,
actions are the womb from which I've sprung,
actions are my relations, actions are my protection.
Whatever actions I do, good or bad,
of these I shall become their heir.


Ang hindi umiibig ay hindi nakakilala sa buhay dahil ang buhay ay pag-ibig.


  1. Thank you for using some of the lines from my previous posts. Haha! It was amazing sharing this whole experience with you. Till our next project.:D

  2. This is saddening. You know, the compilation of lines and stuff we've written. Saddening and beautiful. Like a mash-up song or something.

  3. I'm sorry I never got to write my death post. This seems like a fitting eulogy to RTC. It;s sad to see it die but i think we all saw it coming. :(