21 September 2013

Movie Review: Gayby

The concept that I thought I was going to watch was interesting. The summary I was given: When yoga teacher Jenn and her gay friend Matt find themselves thirtysomething, single and childless, they decide to parent a baby together. But trouble arises when they discover they have differing ideas about the method of the child's conception.

The story surrounding Matt is mostly believable. But Jenn is a different story. I mean, are there really people in this world that clueless that can somehow eek out a living in a big city? I had contemplated not writing about this movie at all but there are a few lines of dialog (involving Jenn) that I think are great:

PAINTER: What’s wrong? Your color’s off.
JENN: I just had this really terrible date with this judgmental do-gooder douche bag.
P: Oh man, I hate that type.
J: Yeah. And the guy I'm having sex with and the guy I like are both busy. So you know...
P: You're polyamorous? Right on.
J: Yeah. And I'm taking these herbs that are making me feel like all sorts of weird.
P: What kind of weird?
J: Like crazy horny weird.
P: You wanna have sex? I'm basically done here. I've got like half an hour to kill.
J: Let's kill it.

What kind of weird? Like crazy horny weird. It's worth watching the movie just for this dialog.

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  1. Hello, line of flight! I've seen this movie, and I thought that it was quite funny. Yes, the dialog you posted is a gas! Classic!