11 September 2013

Movie Review: Keep the Lights On

This movie involves two main characters, a gay Dutch(?) filmmaker and an American attorney with a drug problem. I had no idea this movie had anything to do with drug addiction and if I had known, I probably would not have watched it. Naked Lunch, Requiem for a Dream, Fear and Loathing, anyone? No, there were no typewriters that turned into mechanical insects that attacked helpless junkie writers. No elderly mothers compulsive vacuuming late into the night. No bar scenes in Vegas. Instead, we get what many young gay men end up in, a control-domination type co-dependent relationship that with the additional layer of drug addiction was frankly nauseating.

The film captures what I can only dream is what its like to be thiry-something and not in a stable, long-term loving relationship -- yep, I have some biases, what can I say? The film captures what I consider the shadow-side of the "blight lights" glory of Queer as Folk living.

That being said, it slows down after the half way point and doesn't seem to pick up again. Zachary Booth ends up being too pretty after years of drug abuse by the midpoint of the movie to be believable and that ends up amplifying the slow down. If you'd like to watch a study of what it looks like between two men in a relationship where one is possessive and the other has a serious drug problem, this is your movie. Otherwise, I'd skip this one.

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