04 September 2013

Movie Review: Morgan

I'll be honest. I didn't expect much of this movie. The summary I was given was this:
Depressed and despairing after an accident renders him paraplegic, Morgan gets a new lease on life when he meets Dean on a basketball court. But when Morgan risks his life entering a bike race and Dean walks out, he is pushed to the brink once again.
But what I got instead was excellent cinematography, great acting and a wonderful script. It's a love story between two guys where the issues they have to work through (for themselves and between each other) are not their sexuality or society's view of their sexuality. I wonder if this is the direction of American gay cinema. Has the coming out narrative exhausted the market for gay films? Is there a big enough corpus of films covering enough variation within the coming out narrative that now gay cinema can move on to the post-coming out world of the gay man's twenties? If it is, I look forward to this evolution.

All of the actors did a great job. They were real actors -- not just a couple of twinks who are friends with the director. Leo Minaya, see below, played Morgan in his first gay acting role.

Can I say I look forward to more work from this up and coming star? Perhaps the only thing that made this less than a perfect movie, in my eyes, was the first kiss between "Morgan" and Jack Kesy's "Dean" character. I don't know if this was also Kesy's first gay role, but the first kiss was a little awkward and mechanical for me. (Maybe that's how macho, working class, Knicks-watching gay guys in New York kiss?)

But hey, that's a very minor issue in this otherwise great film. Like I said, I look forward to more stories like the one told in this movie with excellent actors (and great stage chemistry). And I look forward to more movies by the director Michael Akers and more movies with the actor Leo Minaya. Got that, citybuoy and YJ? Leo Minaya, with an L.

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