17 September 2013

Movie Review: Out Late

I have written about this topic, sort of, in response to a news article about a grandfather coming out to his gay grandson (and family) in A Grandfather's Struggle with Coming Out. This documentary had promise but I think came up way short.

What interested me in watching this film was how coming out later in life is different and similar to those that come out in their earlier years. But I didn't get much of a comparison. Their biographies and the reasons for not living in an LGBT-identified way for much of their life was the most fascinating part of this documentary.

The Kansas portion where we learn about the struggles of a middle aged lesbian couple with their conservative and conflicted neighbors seemed to be out of place. I failed to see what this had to do with coming "out late" and it seemed much more to be a dramatic tangential feeler for same-sex marriage issues. It was distracting and unfortunate.

Also missing was a discussion of aging in general. Sometimes it felt that we were listening to a twenty year old telling their coming out narrative, from the body of an 80 year old.

In sum, I wouldn't go out of your way to see this. Nevertheless, it has some interesting points.

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