07 September 2013

Movie Review: White Frog

This movie by Quentin Lee was quite interesting. The direction and cinematography was better than the last movie of his I watched although I was disappointed that the "gay" part of the movie came at the very end. (Semi Spoiler Alert: This is a ABC/Disney afterschool special where the "gay" theme drops in at the end to create a problem for the characters to solve.)

Booboo Stewart is a great actor but I found his part Blackfoot American Indian ancestry to be a bit distracting visually among his "pure" Asian family -- or maybe it was his previous playing an American Indian werewolf in one of the Twilight movies. Nevertheless, his acting was good enough to suspend disbelief most of the time.

The plot, as I was told it was thus:
Nick, who has Asperger's syndrome, struggles to carry on after the death of his brother Chaz. Their parents have their own problems coping with the loss, but Chaz's best friend takes Nick under his wing.
Actually, it's Chaz's best friends who take Nick under his wing. Since there is no gay mention in the synopsis, perhaps I should have known better. I found the movie to be very interesting anyways but not for the LGBT reasons. That part came way too late and was way too rushed. Of course, if I were a 15 year old watching this on an ABC/Disney television channel and not exposed to much of anything, I'd probably feel different.

I've never heard of Harry Shum Jr before and although he only appears, as Chaz, now and then as a figment of Nick (Booboo Stewart)'s imagination, he almost feels like eye candy in the movie more than anything else. I felt the script was a bit unfair to BD Wong and that the background information on the characters had apparent conflicts or were not deeply enough explored to avoid the conflicting vibe.

Anyways, even just to see BD Wong, Harry Shum Jr and Booboo Stewart, if nothing else, it's worth a watch. Actually most of the male cast involve really pretty boys. It's actually a little distracting, like I'm watching Star Cinema but everyone is speaking English with a Valley Boy accent. My hope is that Quentin Lee can find more nuanced, deeper stories in the future to direct.

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