23 October 2013

Movie Review: Elliot Loves

This does not have cinematic complexity. Instead, this film tells a story that resembles in many ways my experience as an adolescent. In short, we watch a twenty-one year old Elliot who is half Dominican and half Anglo live his life in his quest for "love". In many ways, it feels like caricature of the young person's life and in another way, it bespeaks the life of a young gay man. We learn through a copious amount of flashbacks, the psychological make-up of Elliot. His father was a one time fling with his mother when both were young.

Though its understated, we learn that Elliot's compulsive need for human contact and his majorly distorted path to finding "love" stems, in part, from the narcissism of his mother who neglects him half the time and dangerously comes near to incestuous closeness the other half.

Many of the mundane interactions of "hooking up" and such, were portrayed realistically in the urban working-class, ethnic minority setting in the U.S. There is the hook-up who fails to mention he has a boyfriend. There is the hook-up who springs the "lets do a threesome" after the clothes are off -- who can ever forget that experience in their adolescence. The hook-up who mirrors the almost pathological instant-in-love of the ego only for it wear off in two days.  The only thing that seemed a little fantastic was the range of gay identities among working class Hispanics and the absence of homophobic identity formation. Meaning, even the thugs in this film are all homo.

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