21 November 2013

Movie Review: Forbidden Love (Kindan no Koi/禁断の恋)

Again, I had really no idea what I was going to be seeing with this movie -- its another yaoi themed drama. As the movie progresses, I figured out the overall character relations and narrative but they weren't immediately self-evident. Let me give a plot summary before launching into my marginally relevant tangent:
Sho and Ritsu are in love. Ritsu is an orphan in the charge of Sho's father and there is a few years age difference (maybe 4 to 5). Ritsu is sent off to New York to train to be a fashion designer for a year. Sho and Ritsu promise to be faithful to their intense love for one another although Sho is not in favor of the separation. Ritsu returns and is hired by Sho's father's company and requested to live with Sho and his younger brother Ryu.
Sho is completely depressed and despondent to Ritsu -- he even eats his meals in his room. It finally is discovered that Sho was given an obviously Photoshopped picture of Ritsu and Sho's father embracing in the nude! Ritsu and Sho make up which infuriates Ryu who has -- during the course of the film tried to come on to Ritsu numerous times. Ryu tattles on Ritsu and Sho who wake up to find Sho's father discovering them lying together on a futon in the living room sleeping together. Sho's father forbids any further contact and expels Ritsu. Sho and Ritsu pine for each other and devise a way to reunite. Ryu reveals his incestuously motivated intentions of wanting to be with Sho forever. Sho rejects the unwanted and otherwise repugnant desire. Sho ends up dead (not clear if its suicide or murder).
Now, as the movie progressed I got this image of Kathy Bates as "Nurse" Annie Wilkes in Stephen King's Misery  (i.e. "Shh, darling, trust me -- It's for the best." as she takes the sledgehammer to Paul's ankle) There are a few other twists and turns in the movie but overall, the entire tragedy revolves around Ryu's incestuous desire for his older brother, Sho. The underlying psychological disturbance seems to be one of total possession of his brother but because this is yaoi-drama, it is eroticized. I'm not sure why they chose Forbidden Love as the title because Ryu's incestuous desire is not love, but an eroticized will to power. Maybe they are referring to the ultimately unrequited love between Ritsu and Sho. It kept my attention for the 70 minute run so it wasn't that bad.

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