22 November 2013

Movie Review: Hello my love (헬로우 마이 러브)

The soundtrack and cinematography of this film are just great. It's everything one would expect from a Korean romantic melodrama and so much more. And the character Dong-wha reminded me of Dennis Trillo throughout the movie.

This is the story: Ho-jeon is a popular disc jockey/radio personality dishing out love advice. She is about to be promoted and her childhood sweetheart is returning from a two year stint in Paris. Upon his return, she expects to be proposed to. Won-jae doesn't return alone, though. He returns with Dong-wha, his roommate in Paris, who are set to open a restaurant together. Dong-wha never seems to leave Won-jae's side to the impatience of Ho-jeon. Ho-jeon drops in, unannounced, at the "under construction" restaurant site to find the above scene (turn into a full on make out session). After some drama, Ho-jeon demands Won-jae give her a month, of dates, before fully committing to Dong-wha. The movie then works through (at some level) Ho-jeon's ability to accept that Won-jae and her will not be getting together.

If I didn't know anything about Korean society or Korean gay cinema, I would have been sorely disappointed with the ending. But having forerunners like Bungee Jumping of their Own and No Regret as context, I find the movie to be a "draw" with respect to what I would consider a happy ending for the characters or Korean society in general. Having Trenet's La Mer as one of the many fabulous songs as a soundtrack helped me orient this narrative in the over-all trajectory of capitalism smashing feudal social practices and understandings of the world.

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