30 November 2013

Movie Review: Love Diagnosis, Throb of Fate (Renai Shindan, Unmei no Kodou / 恋愛診断, 運命のコドウ)

I didn't know going into this that these movies are "made for TV" movies, that they are split up like a mini-series, and that, in the end, there are several stories in one season. Although the set up was a little bit adolescent in terms of how these guys fell in love, I thought the story was excellent, although terribly sad. Kei Katsuragi (right, leaning forward) is a doctor in a hospital and feels life is meaningless and seems to have a bad work environment. He somehow ends up drowning in the pool he regularly swims in. Lifeguard Kanade Maki (left, leaning against) is a lifeguard and gym attendant. He gives Katsuragi mouth to mouth and Katsuragi comes back to life. They keep running into each other coincidentally and this eventually turns into a super intense love affair.

The plot keeps twisting and turning and from Katsuragi's perspective, it seems like destiny or fate is operating. It's hard to say much more without revealing important and surprising twists in the plot. But watching this, one will not be disappointed. But keep in mind, this is a tragedy.

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