01 December 2013

Movie Review: Love Diagnosis, Shattered Wings (Ren Ai Shindan, Tsubasa no Kakera / 恋愛診断, 翼のカケラ)

I have to say that this story was poorly written. The first half of the movie is way too slow and incoherent and the coherent part of the story is the second half but its all rushed because of the time problem.

Plot: Tsubara is an art student whose father has just killed himself. He is bullied by some other teenager and the bullying is witnessed by Leo (who doesn't intervene). Tsubara stumbles through his school looking for a place to wash after being beaten. He runs into the unlocked studio of Kain. He takes a liking to Kain who takes a liking to him. Leo likes Tsubara but is weird about it. Kain and Tsubara grow closer but then its all crushed when Kain seduces Leo. In the end, it turns out that Kain is an archetypal villain who has used his fake innocence to manipulate the situation to try to separate Leo and Tsubara.

I did not enjoy the ending and the story was so jumpy that I'd probably take a pass from watching again in this life time.

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