13 January 2014

Movie Review: Yossi and Jagger

I actually reviewed this film several years ago but for one reason or the other, it wasn't posted -- hiding among the posted blogs receding farther and farther down the list of posts until it had fully disappeared.

Yossi is the commander of a fighting unit in the Israeli Defense force, Lior is his second in command -- although the unit calls him Jagger because he sing and imitates like Mick Jagger. The two engage in a secret love affair on the front lines. One day a colonel appears with two women -- his lover and another -- with plans of a night time attack. Yossi opposes the attack plan because it will occur on a full moon night. The plan goes ahead where Jagger is fatally wounded. In Yossi's dying arms, Jagger freely and completely expresses his love of Yossi. Sad, but worth the watch.

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