03 May 2014

Movie Review: Geography Club

The overall theme of this movie is thus. If you're in the closet, a high school student and want to connect with other high school students, create a student group that nobody will join like the Geography Club.

The protagonist of this story is Russell (below, left) who tries hooking up with someone anonymously online by agreeing to meet him at the local park. The person never shows but he does bump into and meet Kevin (below, right) who is on the high school football team. Kevin also has his best friend Gunnar who is overweight and hoping to leave high school not a virgin.

Russell and Kevin end up connecting at some kind of school camp situation and make out in the open one night by Min, a fellow student. That puts Kevin into panic mode and he gets Russell onto the football team to avoid blowing his cover. That occurs through another unlikely series of events.

I have to admit that the fascinating thing about this movie is the theme of the conflict between what Russell thinks is "true love" and his integrity. This is definitely a great date night movie.

02 May 2014

Movie Review: The Happy Sad

Marcus and Aaron are a young black couple living in New York. Annie and Stan are a young white couple living in New York. This story revolves around the stories of these two couples and how they intertwine. Marcus and Aaron decide to open up their relationship at the time that Annie breaks up with Stan at the cafe that Aaron works at. Stan demands to know who the other man is and Annie says its her fellow schoolteacher Mandy.

Marcus and Aaron begin their awkward open relationshiphood and Marcus ends up landing a hookup with Stan. At the same time, Annie ends up getting much closer to Mandy and they end up having sex. Mandy is having a life meltdown.

The story swirls and swirls and finally calms to a "happily ever after." I'm not sure I really like the resolution but perhaps because I couldn't easily identify with the experiences of the characters. I was never a twenty-something in New York City. It's an interest study of the current life of twenty-somethings in New York.

01 May 2014

Movie Review: G.B.F.


If this movie had come out when I was in high school, it would have been almost incomprehensible. In fact, my life in and around high school -- in my backward province -- was much more like Gregg Araki's Totally F**ked Up. But in an alternate reality, this might have been more like my high school experience.

Brent, Tanner, Sophie and Glenn are the central barkada of this feature film. Brent and Tanner are gay. Sophie is their faghag friend while Glenn is the straight Asian who is assumed to be gay because he hangs with the gays. The group supports Brent's interest in looking for a boyfriend. Somehow he uses Tanner's cellphone to sign up for Grindr or a similar service and that phone is confiscated by a teacher of Brent's. Meanwhile, the popular, mean girls in school Fawcett, Caprice and 'Shley have decided that to be the most popular, they need a "gay best friend." They also sign up for Grindr or a similar service. 

Tanner finds out Brent had Tanner's phone confiscated and goes to the classroom to retrieve it. It is there that the mean girl trio use Grindr to find Tanner's phone and Tanner at the other end of it. At this point, Tanner is outed to the entire school. The trio fight to become the GBF of Tanner and in that process, he distances himself from his barkada -- including getting into a major fight with Brent. The movie revolves around the conflict of popularity in high school and his organically developed barkada.

This movie is along the lines of fairytale fantasy but is definitely a date night movie.