02 May 2014

Movie Review: The Happy Sad

Marcus and Aaron are a young black couple living in New York. Annie and Stan are a young white couple living in New York. This story revolves around the stories of these two couples and how they intertwine. Marcus and Aaron decide to open up their relationship at the time that Annie breaks up with Stan at the cafe that Aaron works at. Stan demands to know who the other man is and Annie says its her fellow schoolteacher Mandy.

Marcus and Aaron begin their awkward open relationshiphood and Marcus ends up landing a hookup with Stan. At the same time, Annie ends up getting much closer to Mandy and they end up having sex. Mandy is having a life meltdown.

The story swirls and swirls and finally calms to a "happily ever after." I'm not sure I really like the resolution but perhaps because I couldn't easily identify with the experiences of the characters. I was never a twenty-something in New York City. It's an interest study of the current life of twenty-somethings in New York.

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