22 October 2014

Movie Review: Change : รัก..ไม่เปลี่ยน

This is another short film based upon the radio program of Love Actually where young adults call in about their tragic and sad love life and the DJ calls the other person and asks if they'll be with the original caller or not (answering: true love or one-sided crush).

Change is about Champ (left) and Jay (right). Champ is a young and gentle boy. The boys in school tease him constantly and Jay regularly comes to his defense. The other boys tease Jay calling Champ his wife. They go through their ups and downs but Jay has a genuine affection for Champ.

The story takes place after both have gone to and through college. Champ has become a successful beauty products store owner and has saved for an operation to become a "real" woman. You see, Champ revealed one day to Jay that he liked Jay. Jay said that he was not disgusted or repelled by Champ but that he did not like men. That they should talk when Champ became a woman. For Champ, this was an puerile command to become a woman.

And become a woman Champ did. But as for Jay, whether Jay says yes or no, I'll leave to you.

My only comment is that these are the fairytales, good and bad, that young gays need to be exposed to. These short stories based upon the wildly popular radio program are beautiful in their archetypal reality. The stories end with, what I value, as an appropriate moral for the audience.

And one more thing, Fluke Pongsatorn is adorable. I enjoy the roles he is cast as the meek and sweet gayboy. I identify! haha

 Fluke Pongsatorn

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