19 October 2014

Movie Review: My Bromance พี่ชาย

I had some skepticism going into his movie. Actually a lot of skepticism. My mind could only conceive of a few plots that could embrace the topic without getting creepy-Japanese-incest or boring Catholic-Bishop-inspired milquetoast.

In short, Golf is a Thai teenager who has spent much of his adolescence alone as his father makes lots of money as a constantly traveling businessman. He returns from a long absence with a new wife, much to the displeasure of Golf. But in addition, the new wife also has a same-aged son, Bank. Bank is very gentle and mild mannered. He immediately starts using the honorific "older brother" moniker on Golf. Golf is wildly annoyed by the submissive, gentleness of Bank. And let me be honest, in my years on this earth, Bank was not giving Golf the idolizing look at first eye contact. It was much more along the lines of when Tong met Uncle Jonbert.

Golf throws tantrums, humiliates Bank and is just an ass while Bank just perseveres as the gentle, mild but consistent steady charmer. Things start to get clear for everyone just around the time campus heart-throb starts putting the moves on Bank. Bank is polite with the attention.

 A new life as step-brothers

But I guess at some point one must ask oneself: if one's parents can't accept homosexuality, could they accept it between step-brothers?

 Two very happy step-brothers

I'll leave you to imagine how this plot thickens (or better go and watch it) but I'll let you know I cried at the end. Yeah, pretty gay. If you liked Love of Siam, you'll like this for sure.


  1. Lots of tissues needed at the end. But I liked this romance. If one can get past a bunch of implausible coincidences, I thought the meaning of the ending was beautiful.

  2. I cant stop crying watched it second still cant get over it. Why ?!! Why P Golf has to die ? I know it is just a story but i dont know why the story get into my heart , toxicated cant stop being sad....

  3. @pealesview: implausible coincidences, the things life is made of!

    @john: yeah. unrequited love. i have the same tender spot in my heart too!

  4. I've Been Watching This Movie for 18 times since 3 days ago... This could be my favorite movie ever... I Don't know how to describe it but I Love it Very much..