24 October 2014

Movie Review: Never Again เพราะรัก...มีมากกว่าหนึ่ง

 Well I have to admit that I was slightly confused by the entire short. But after watching it a second time, my confusion came from ill-advised ill-placed jump cut that almost made the main character, Nhui, look like a big ass player. But actually, it turns out that that was the case. Nhui has a major commitment issue. In the first three minutes of the short, the main character celebrates his one month anniversary with several guys. Then he wakes up from a nightmare with yet another guy.

There is a lot of toggling between various boyfriends. But then Nhui is eating with one boyfriend, Ko, when his next catch, Prince, sits down next to him and that ends that. Nhui and Prince enjoys happiness for about a month and then Nhui decides to rekindle things with Ko on the one month anniversary with the next one. Prince discovers the rekindling on facebook and is devastated.

Nhui continues suffers from nightmares that an unspecified boyfriend is cheating on him.

But then on day in the library, Nhui stumbles upon a guy., It turns out that the guy, Tae, is a long time crush of Nhui. They enter into a cat and mouse type flirting situation.

But the nightmares continue.

Perhaps one of the best gay cinematic scenes of all times

NowTae does not operate as the others have. He does not let Nhui rush into things. He is supersweet on Nhui, just pure sweetness. But in a way that's different than the repeater boyfriends. No sex and no kissing in the beginning. It's overwhelming for Nhui, really.

Things go quite right but then Nhui discovers that Tae and Prince are friends and have been. This disturbs Nhui tremendously. And then, Prince finds out and it gets even more complicated. (I wonder how life would have been if every guy at my school was gay and tended towards melodrama.)

It's quite a thought experiment and its actually interesting that it's based on a true story as told over the radio!

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