20 October 2014

Movie Review: Secret Love รัก ลับ หลัง

This movie is apparently part of a series of short films called "Love Actually". It is based on a radio talk show where someone calls in, tells the sad love story with a conflict. The DJ then calls the other party and asked them, at the count of three, whether they will be with the original caller.

Secret Love could be used as a textbook example of what NOT to do in an employment situation. The story begins with Wan and Tar who are boyfriends and live together. As I gather, Wan lives with Tar at his apartment. He has recently graduated from college and we start the story where Wan has been hired by a prestigious ad company.

Wan is introduced to his co-workers and then Ohm, the creative director. Now Wan is the happy guy who goes along by getting along -- a happy-go-lucky chap.  And Ohm wants Wan. It's not clear if Ohm is in love with Wan or just wants to win a game that involves Wan as a problem.

In any event, Ohm pulls out all the stops with Wan. As his superior, he engages in what can only be understood as classic sexual harassment. Wan informs him that he has a boyfriend but it doesn't stop Ohm. Meanwhile, Tar is at home pining and worrying about Wan. Wan becomes distant. It's not initially clear if its just the fact that he is now working or something else. But as Ohm continues to put the moves on Wan and Wan relishes the flattery, a nothingness appears between Wan and Tar.

This nothingness culminates in the shocking climax of this story - which also was the opening scene of the short. I won't give it away. It was an interesting story and I liked the ending. A series of these story is just what the young gay needs to see and here. These melodramatic high-school type stories is chicken soup for the young gay soul. More please.


  1. Sampaloc Toc,

    Since you've been reviewing a lot of Thai output lately, I was wondering if you've had a chance to watch Love Sick the Series or the related novel that p'Kuda is translating at kudalakorn. I'd be interested to find out your opinion of it and the phenomena of the BL story targeted to teen-aged girls.

  2. I don't understand the ending. Can someone explain ?

  3. Can you tell me the names of the main actors?

  4. can you tell me the name of the actors in this film. thank you in advance.

    1. Pop Khamgasem (p'ohm)
      Korawit Boonsri (wan)
      Tosatid Darnkhuntod (tar)


  5. Can u tell me the name of the main actors


  6. Can u tell me the name of the main actors