18 October 2014

Movie Review: Timeline เพราะรักไม่สิ้นสุด

 This is the official movie poster for the movie.

So this is not so much of a feature length movie as it is a collection of three shorts that may or may not in the very end, sort of come together as one narrative. Still not sure.  The first short was my favorite. There is nothing more exhilarating that experiencing a story of discovery and openness to vulnerability in love and sex with age-appropriate peers. So I liked it very much.

Pictoral sum-up of the First Short

The second short turned out to be a thriller-horror type film and would have been interesting if the director had 80 minutes to flesh things out. But it ended up just being weird after the first short. There really is only so much one can do with allotted time and having to use a two minute flashback to explain the entire short, is well, unfortunate.

The third short would have been nice if it ended differently. I understand the martyr theme and they did it well. But what was weird at the end when the martyr ends up in the negative father complex twilight zone. Even if its not literal daddy incest, it certainly is symbolic and well its just weird. Especially after the psychologically pleasing first short. Maybe the director just needed another 10 minutes?

It's worth watching for the first feel good one and there are a lot of pretty young men so at least on the second two you aren't bored with ugly and bad actors.

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  1. this movie is so beautiful.. and i cant deny that im so inlove with the characters.