28 November 2014

Movie Review: Getting Go, The Go Doc Project

I actually started watching this movie months ago, but after about ten minutes, I stopped in only to repeat this twice. I finally decided to finish it. The main character, played by Tanner Cohen, main character in Were the World Mine, is a neurotic college student and the first 10-20 minutes are neurotic.

I know that many (but not all) young gay men experience a late teenager - early twenties experience of romantic relationships as extensions of power/control and not love.  Here's the plot:  A shy college undergrad devises to shoot a documentary about the New York City nightlife scene to meet the go-go guy he's obsessed with.

In this convoluted self-imposed head trip, the working glass go-go boy reflects something that is more than just sensation, but something feeling. This neurotic, mental college undergrad is given acceptance and feeling from the go-go boy.

But I'll leave for you whether the mental college boy is able to really embrace his inferior function and learn something about love. The film builds and before the denouement, it does climax in a cuddling and feeling way.

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