24 November 2014

Movie Review: TomGay มึนรักสลับขั้ว

This was an interesting comedy. I'm a big proponent of limiting the feudal power of the clan/tribe/family especially when that power is used to enforce patriarchal values paraded around as cultural norms. *breathing* Anyways, this movie somewhat parodies the lengths to which Chinese-Thai mothers will go to rescue their LGBT children from a life not characterized by procreation.

Plot summary: Young gay man is a training/aspiring life guard at some beach. Small problem is that he hasn't yet learned to swim. In his first "save", he resuscitated a young man who falls in love with the trainee lifeguard. But in his second "save", after resuscitating the victim, the victim turns out to be a tomboy type lesbian named Tom, who punches the lifeguard and they subsequently get into a fight. The local police break it up but arrest both of them.

Anyways, the mothers of these two characters happen to be friends and plot to marry their "abnormal" children to each other. They do this through deception and force and eventually lock them in a room to "mate" chained and imprisoned. 


Through a series of disturbing but funny efforts, the mothers fail. The two are able to eventually escape. In the process of being imprisoned, both break up with their boyfriend and girlfriend, respectively. It's not clear why they do not tell their partners why they were absent for so long (the cause of the breakups). The end was a huge let down as it wasn't funny or dramatic.

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