16 May 2015

Movie Review: Vito

I was once asked by nun if I felt I had been born a little late -- if I felt I had been born a decade (or a few) late. As the sassy, precocious adolescent I was, I told her no -- I was needed in my own time to deal with the problems of now. But of course, when I watch movies like Vito, I wonder about her question.

Vito is really the story of the American gay movement -- its passion, its revolutionary sparks, and AIDS. It is difficult to believe that anyone can really understand the history of modern global LGBT movements without having a firm understanding of what this period looked like. Vito does a great job of telling this story and does it through one of its most well-known leaders, Vito Russo.

It is history, biography and hagiography. Its method of storytelling has the same effect as a hagiography or a passio. It inspires one to imitate the martyr, the saint. And it does so not in a limited gay men's rights sort of way, but is inspirational to activists of any progressive stripe.

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