10 June 2015

Movie Review: Boys (Jongens)

Sieger is a teenage boy that lives with his older brother and widower father. He is practicing for a runner-relay race at school. One of the other four on the relay team is Marc, who is slightly older. The first half of the movie is a well executed cinematic description of ambiguous and hard-to-control feelings of the teenager. Sieger is coming to terms with the fact that he's gay. He fancies Marc and perhaps Marc has signaled feelings back. Either way, the two forge an intense intimacy. At the half-way point, the four boys of the relay team go for a swim at the local pond. The other two boys leave for dinner and Marc encourages Sieger to stay. He leaves but returns where they continue to play in the pool until they end up kissing in the water, holding onto a log -- see movie poster above.

That shifts something enough where the delicate balance of things comes undone and things get intense -- just like adolescence. You sometimes wonder if the notion of a gay identity is really just a grindr-ization of feeling. That everything can neatly be put into boxes and then compared. Boys tells about life against such grindr-ization. It is an explosion of adolescent feeling which is conflicting, overwhelming and ambiguous.

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