18 June 2015

Movie Review: The Imitation Game

I was late to watch this movie its true. The movie is about Alan Turing (played by Benedict Cumberbatch), an English, gay, autistic Mathematics professor who was hired by the British military and intelligence bureau to crack the encryption process used by Nazi Germany in their military communications. We learn the struggles his unit went through in coming up with the machine that eventually did just that.

Alan Turing was gay and while that didn't appear to be a problem during the War effort, it was a problem in the 1950s. Turing was robbed by a trick he had met. This led the police to investigate the matter further and discover that he was a gay and had had sex with another man. He was prosecuted and his sentence was to take chemicals that interfered with his body's production of hormones. He died not long after that of cyanide poisoning. It was ruled a suicide.

The movie is part tragedy and part hagiography. In the end, Queen Elizabeth did give Turing a posthumous pardon -- only one of two she has granted in her long reign.

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