08 June 2015

Movie Review: Last Summer

When I think of rural places in the US, I think of places like Arkansas. But that doesn't really mean anything to me. I've never been there and I really only create a composite image from the range of histories I have read and heard about the US South. Obviously Arkansas is not Mississippi nor is it Alabama.

Last Summer is told through the lens of this composite image I have constructed. It does not attempt to give a didactic account of Southern living and it does not paint a caricature. Rather, it shows rural Arkansas. Homosexuality and homophobia are both hidden, in plain sight. Feelings there but not spoken.

The plot can be summarized fairly easily: Luke and Jonah have been boyfriends and best friends in this rural part of the US. They are enjoying/suffering their last summer together before Jonah goes off to college elsewhere -- while Luke will remain. The musical accompaniment was pretentious but the cinematography was lovely.  If you don't like formal movies, then you should pass on this -- this was a no-budget/low-budget movie after all.

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