14 June 2015

Movie Review: The Last Year

This could have been a great movie. The concept was good but unfortunately there were too many things that the writer did not properly research that made the Christian conservatives and the school administration look like a caricature of themselves -- interfering with the all important suspension of disbelief.

The setting is a rural Bible college. Paul is a student there. His friends Hector is also a student there. And there is a new student named Alex. It's not clear what Paul and Hector's actual relationship was in the previous year but somehow Hector has been outed as a homosexual and in need of curing. Alex arrives on the scene and makes life complicated for Paul.

The movie deals with these issues of gay life in the Bible college, but then it also tries to address clerical sex abuse. Unfortunately the bad guys in the movie are too caricatured to make the part about clerical sex abuse by the college's dean/preacher believable in the story -- even though it's obviously very true much of the time.

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