06 June 2015

Movie Review: Love is Strange

Love is Strange is a slice of life type movie that is part comedy and part drama and it stars John Lithgow and Alfred Molina. In short, after 28 years together, Ben and George get married. The marriage was open and public. And that publicity causes George to be fired from his job as a musical teacher at a New York Catholic high school. And his termination undercuts their ability to pay for their co-op apartment. They are forced to sell and they must live apart while they figure out what to do next. Ben stays with his nephew and his nephew's family. George stays with two gay cops that are friends who live in another apartment in same co-op. It is in this setting that we daily life comes under the microscope.

The first truth is that Ben would have been better placed with the two gay cops and George with Ben's nephew and family. Instead, after a day of grueling work, George comes home to the gay couples daily parties and television watching. Ben on the other hand, retired, spends the day being a polite, talkative house guest that gets on his nephew's wife's nerves. The separation strains everything about these men and their identities. After being together for 29 years, the strain begins to unravel their identity as a unit.

This slice of life and character study movie is definitely worth the watch because love is strange.

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