12 June 2015

Movie Review: Out In the Line-Up

This is a documentary about gay surfers. And while it's a coming out narrative, it's definitely not Tan Lines or Shelter. Surfing is about freedom, openness and a relationship with nature. And yet, much of surfing today is defined by misogynism, homophobia and faux-tribalism and driven by the need for corporate profits by surf companies.

Like any surf documentary, there are great shots of beach and wave action. The message is a little stream of consciousness and all the documentary documents is that the surf work is dominated by misogynism, homophobia and faux-tribalism.

It's a first step and as the youth of the world come to lift off the yoke of 19th century sexual repression, I suspect that one day too, being out in the line-up won't mean much at all. Worth a watch if you surf.

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